• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Every person who has decent money dreams of investing it profitably. The banking sector is not very suitable for this purpose. Interest on deposits does not even cover inflation. Financial experts advise beginners to aim for buying stocks. Before deciding to invest, it is important for the investor to pay attention to the following points:

  • have an idea of how the market works;
  • do not overestimate your capabilities;
  • make only informed decisions.

It is necessary to make sure that there is a license to provide services. Do not invest all your funds in one way to generate passive income. It is advisable to distribute them across at least two portfolios: dividend and growth stocks. Some part can be invested in venture projects.

Which market to choose

In the conditions of instability of the rouble, financial analysts recommend making investments in Western markets. The United States of America is a priority. Despite the well-known crises of recent years, the country’s economy shows its stability. The dollar quickly regains lost ground and steadily adds.  

U.S. success in this area is understandable. Its securities market is over 150 years old. They learned to assess crisis situations and quickly get out of them without major losses. Rich market statistics allows you to predict the movement forward.

There are many new shareholders on the market now. Many of them are confident that the market will grow all the time. But it’s not true. A successful period of income increase is inevitably replaced by a fall. This is a feature of the stock market, and the United States is not an exception.

But you should realize that 60% of payments are made in dollars. Most of the transnational companies belong to this country. They have clear financial statements that investors trust.

How to choose shares

Before buying, you need to analyze the reporting of the companies. At the very least, profits and revenue should have growth. You should look at margins and debt load. There are several services, where you can find information: finviz.com, financemarker.ru, Investing.com.

No need to purchase shares with all the available money. It is advisable to divide free money into several parts and purchase securities with interruptions of two, or even three weeks. This way you can balance the price.

Now for the portfolios. Dividend stocks can be taken for decades. In this portfolio, you need to choose companies that regularly pay dividends. American enterprises provide from $6 in hard currency, and this is not bad.  

To get income on the growth portfolio, wait for the price to rise by a certain level and sell profitably. This way of investing can bring high returns, which can increase your assets 1.5-2 times. A venture portfolio can bring very large interest, and can give nothing.

Do not urgently get rid of securities if the company is experiencing certain difficulties. Wait for the position to stabilize, and you will win. Sell shares of a company that has stopped paying dividends.

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